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Posted by thehat on 04.05 2007. at 01:27
How many fantasy characters does it take to change a light bulb?

Epic Fantasy Writer: How many you got?

Traditional Fantasy Writer: One. There can be only one Chosen One.

Quest Fantasy Writer: One, but he must form a party of adventurers to
retrieve the magic pliers first.

Romantic Fantasy Writer: Two, but they must do it while sharing a
passionate kiss

Erotic Fantasy Writer: Three, but they must do it naked while sharing a
passionate kiss

Horror Fantasy Writer: One, as long as it's a tentacle slivering from
the bottomless pit.

Urban fantasy writer: Three. A werewolf, a vampire, and a chic in
leather with a gun.

Literary Fantasy Writer: One, but it will take me four pages to describe

Slipstream Fantasy Writer: Is the light bulb an allegory for birth or

Sci-Fi Writer: Who uses light bulbs? Honestly...

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